Palmers Lingerie gets Facelift

The Austrian traditional lingerie company Palmers has introduced its new branding, developed by the agency Desgrippes Gobé. According to official sources the brand wants to position itself in front of H&M, which has been taking away lingerie customers over the past year.

Palmers is eager to get back its younger customers, thus presenting their products in a fresher, more modern way while keeping focus on the better quality they’re producing. Next to changing its logo and redefining the traditional green tone, the company will renovate the shops’ interior design and assistants dress code. The cost of rebranding totals around 25 million Euro, says Palmers CEO Thomas Weber.

Supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Tricia Helfer have worked with Palmers in the past. It will be interesting to see whether Palmers sticks with the supermodel strategy or introduces more natural models like bathing lotion company Dove has done.

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New Logo
Palmers - New Branding, Logo

Old Logo, till 2005
Old Palmers Logo - till 2005

Old advertisement, extremely popular among men
Palmers Advertisement - 5 women laying on a bed

Company History: Palmers
1914: first Palmers shop opens in Innsbruck, Austria
1936: first shop operated through franchise, after the 2nd world war there are 45 shops in Austria
1950-1992: expansion in Germany and around Europe
1992: Palmers Textil AG is founded to organise the activities of Palmers, their younger brand p2 and the shop line Gazelle

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