Meet OQO – the Ultra Personal Computer

OQO Ultra Personal Computer

This device is so new, powerful and handy, OQO (Brand Directory: OQO), the company producing it, needed to create a new name. Not PDA, not MDA, not PocketPC, no. It’s called UPC as in “Ultra Personal Computer”

I’m yet to find a price but as I read from the specs this UPC should be pretty handy, especially for people like me always on-the-go.
It’s got (nearly) everything you need:

– USB/Bluetooth Connectivity
– 1 GHz
– 5″ screen with 800×480 resolution
– just 14 ounces

OQO has just received 20 million dollar of funding from Motorola which will be used for distribution, marketing and speeding up the development of upcoming devices, says CEO Jory Bell.

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