71 thoughts on “Video: Sony PSP Squirrel Ad”

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  2. Those commercials are VERY racist when you analyze them.

    “Squirrel Please” which is made to sound like “Nigga Please”
    “WHHHHAAAAA” when the idea of a portable nut is mentioned (stereotype)
    Stereotypical voice acting
    Racist against – Black people

    Stereotypical voice acting
    “Joo” used in place of “You” (stereotype)
    “Eh man we gonna roll outside” (stereotype)
    Racist against – Latinos

  3. A different angle: How do you know a black or latino person didn’t write it? One minority/ethnic group marketing to their own minority/ethnic group. Now you have racism against white (caucasion)people. Reverse racism now. Sucks, huh?

    Now, let’s look at “nuts” and (dust)”balls”. Oh, sexism. Is this a sumbliminal “male dominance” comment?

    Notice over the years that everyone is “sooo sensitive” that this nation has become a nation of whiners and wimps. Suck it up. If it offends you, sorry. It happens (intentionally or not). If it bothers you where you can’t function but and obscene amount of money (law suit) will cure your “offense” then I say, suck it up, seek a therapist. Maybe get some ethics while you are at it. 😉 lol

    Wow! Different angels on the same commercial. Diversity is great. Let’s embrace it learn from each other. Not be paranoid that someone is out to get your/our ethnic group or whatever.

    Off my tangent, personally, I think the squirrels are cute. Crazy, but cute. Commercial is funny. Tell you what, they did a great job. You remember it, right?

    Think back – luggage that a gorilla jumped on in the 70’s. You don’t remember that the luggage was Tourister (many think sampsonite because it’s popular) but you rember the commercial. Now if you don’t know that commercial, then I’m old. lol

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts on this public forum.

    All the best!

  4. Amen! It’s a cute commerical. The squirrels are crazy, funny, and cute. Let’s not try to read into anything more. It’s a commercial. Hope to see it on the superbowl commercial line up. Whooo hooo!

  5. Just take your “NUTS” and go play OUTSIDE!!!!

    Goes to show how GOOD marketing/advertiving can hit he masses.


  6. I love both of them i really love the 1 when they are talkin about portible nut and the
    squirrel says whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat its so so funny thaks to who ever thought of this.

  7. DUDe justcause it may have the voice of a black guy oesnt mean any thing people who are do stuck up with minorities need to be…well i wont go there. we are all people SO DEAL WITH IT. and i dont think any one cold do the commercial better than those two who did. so leave the fun commercial alone and go play barbies

  8. Shell: First of all, these advertisements are not racist, they are simply sterotypes. For something to be racist, it must discriminate or enforce the belief that one race is superior to another. These commericals do nothing of the sort, so if you are going to bash them, bash them for what they are: Stereotypes.

    Secondly, these ads are not meant to harm anyone…they are meant to be humorous. They’re supposed to be funny. It’s marketing. Comedians have been insulting other races, sexes, religous beliefs, etc. for a long, long time. These ads are no different.

    I think you might be a little too sensitive about this, for whatever reason. I personally think these ads are fine, and don’t warrant any “racist” discussions.

    Hellz ya.

  9. All those commercials suck. They were supposed to be funny but everytime they come out I get depressed all of a sudden. Those commercials dont make me want to laugh or buy a psp, they just make me change the channel. How could something that boring and stupid get on tv. Bad marketing thats all it is. They need to steal a page from nintendo on how to market a handheld or how to be funny because funny they are not. I wish they would just stick to the basics and for sony it wouldnt be handhelds or comedy. I agree about the stereotypes which are also bad marketing. I wish sony would apologize for this commercial because everyone knows they can do better than that. Maybe they were just short on time and money.

  10. man, nine8… i dunno what cultural rock u crawled out from under… but it seems as though everyone seems to think these are funny… but you. so i believe it is in no way necessary for sony to apologise to one disgruntled kid cause HE/SHE thinks its bad marketing when probably they made a retarted ammount of money from those commercials.

    and steryotypes are awesome lol well atleast these ones neway.

  11. These commercials are racist. Only a sheltered zit faced caucasian jackoff would actually find them humourous at all. Maybe you should read a book or something.

  12. Yoohoo, ranting boy? You are making an assumption about the color of a person’s skin based on a “racial voice inflection”. This is racist in itself, no?

    Oh, and to the one who suggested that all dissidents “read a book”…”humourous” is actually spelled “humorous”. Thanks, love.

  13. Look, you crazy people, it can’t be racist because it does not imply that the squirrels are black, or that the dustballs are latino! What, are you going to freak out on the Rats and Cheese because it’s ‘stereotyping’ New Yorkers?

  14. Also, why the hell are we getting all worked up? It’s just a commercial about two bloody squirrels that are playing nut! No double meanings, no racism, and no stereotypes!!! Can’t we all just get along and bask in the humor that is the Sony PSP Squirrel Ad?!

  15. Haha I dont think this is racist at all im black and that is the funniest commercial ive ever seen. Not just the voices but the animations are hilarious aswell.

  16. OMG that rat commercial is SO racist. It’s portraying new Yorkers as dirty stinking rats living in the gutter. They even have that stereotypical accent. That commercial offends me, so instead of just letting it go, and/or changing the channel, I’m going to start a national campaign to get these commercials taken off the air once and for all! I have the right to NOT be offended, and as someone from New York that commercial offends me. Tomorrow I’m going to my local news station, and they’ll do a report on all these commercials. They’ll interview a token black person, Hispanic person, and New Yorker. Eventually, the story will spread to national newspapers and television programs, and before you know it Sony will be pressured to take the commercials off the air. Unfortunately, my efforts will have the opposite effect, and the commercials will continue to spread like wildfire around the internet, and sales of the PSP will increase by 200%. In the end, Sony’s plan worked perfectly, me just a pawn in their ultimate plan.

  17. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These Squirrels Kick Ass This is the Best PSP Commercial Ever

  18. Hello, I’m a young black american and I personally don’t see anything wrong with the commercials. I for think they’re hillarious (Especially the squirrel commercials.)I wish the masses of America will stop living in the past and move on. I mean come on, Dave Chappelle mocks different cultures and I find it funny (Including the racial Jokes of my culture.) I love the PSP commercials and I hope they continue to show them.

  19. And futhermore, to my black community.. Throughout Generations of Comedy, we’ve made fun of white people and see nothing wrong with it. But when the tables turn, alot of us get upset. If that’s not hipocrisy at it’s best then I don’t what it is. It’s just my opinion.

  20. I suspect that Nate Nitti is a FRAUD… You just some pimply old caucasoid sitting at your wireless keyboard in your upper middle class suburban utopia. Pshaw! I won’t believe you’re black until you give me a brief dissertation on your unique experiences growing up BLACK in America, relating that to the STRUGGLE and the current state of race relations as a whole (in 300 words or less). No true BLACK person could be as NAIVE and as foolishly optimistic as you are my “BRUTHA”. PS – that “my black community” line was a DEAD giveaway…

  21. I like the part where you said “No true BLACK person” congratulations on labelling me of how I should act. I was raised in Central L.A. on Slauson and Crenshaw which is a a Crip territory. So If that’s not good enough for a narrow simple minded person such as yourself, then hit me up on aim and I’ll make you look stupid from there. 🙂

    AIM s/n Nate the Nemesis.

  22. Oh no you didn’t just name drop Slauson/Crenshaw on a MESSAGE board?? Even mentioning Crips you should be ashamed. Please.. No one from south central would throw around that terminology like it was NOTHING.
    Maybe I WILL just “hit you up on AIM” and pull your Internet card…
    Now that’s GANGSTA… Psshh..

  23. Please do So I can shame your dumbass!! And if said “Gangsta” in my hood.. they would whoop your ass. Save yourself the embarrassment.

  24. Where U at Frank Nitti? hmmm I didn’t see your ass all night..
    And don’t even call south central “your hood”..
    You scared to even go out at night.
    You’re just funny to me.
    Yo you crack me up.. You’re a rich caucasoid living in the meadow… Posing as a moolie.. Who wishes he was a guinea… Fake Nitti.

  25. Okay, it’s obivious that this freestylin’ retard must be a 15 or somewhere in his teens. This conversation went from the commercial being “racist” to Gar’s infactuation of me being black or not. Where are going with this Gar? And it’s you who is sayin’ racial names against blacks like “Moolies” which is the racial word an Italian would use. This will be my last reply to you because this whole conversation is irrelevant. You know my AIM s/n.

  26. I’m “infactuating” that you watch too many MAFIA movies.. Phony soprano ass mawfukkk.
    My point is that you’re trying to legitimize racially charged comedy by saying “I’m black and I endorse it therefore it’s ok”. White folks see your seal of approval and say “see.. we’re laughing with them not at them so it’s ok”. If you truly are BLACK you ain’t nothing but an apologist uncle tom n***a and if you aren’t then you’re just a mistrel show caucasoid putting on blackface. For my sake I hope you’re the latter because I’d rather not lose faith in my own people.

  27. What is your definition of “Uncle Tom”? For one, I don’t look down on my own people. And for someone that doesn’t know me but “thinks” he/she has the right to judge me because me I find a stereotypical joke funny. But it’s okay for us to sit here and watch “Comic View” on BET and look at comedians make fun of white, spanish, asians and other races. And I know that this is the net and all but If you were to call me an Uncle Tom to my face, I would most likely slap the sh*t outta you. Never once in my life have I looked down on my own people. I am proud of my culture and I am damn PROUD of being black. But in your eyes i’m a “Sell-Out” because I laugh at a commercial and shared my thoughts about it. for as I’m concerned, I really don’t have to prove anything to you about my ethnicity. And you have the nerve to call me scary, I’ve been on AIM all day waiting for you to reply but instead you still insist to type here. If you have AIM, post your s/n up and I’ll gladly talk to you on there.

  28. I agree w/ Garhead but I think both of you guys are stoopid. I don’t know about the squirells but the dustballs are pretty obvious.I mean, why the heck are you gonna make them talking dirtballs? it doesnt take a genius to figure that one out.
    Everyone else gets to be animals. least the black guys get to be squirlls.
    Oh well not like I’m hispanic tho. ha

  29. I amdit that this topic has been blown out of proportion considering it’s about some squirrels… I’m done with this.

    And the commercial is fuckin’ funny.

    Hellz Yeah.

  30. To the overly-militant, racist, 1960’s mentality havin’, Black Panther wannabe Gar Heard…

    Do you realize you just turned a once-civil debate on racism into a flame war? What are you trying to prove by calling names and passing judgement on one’s Blackness? That you’re “Blacker” than someone else because they laughed a commercial with a slang-tongued squirrel on it? Is that not ridculous? I mean, Black people aren’t the only people that talk with that kind of urban accent. I’m really amazed at your “Black Pride”. Given that this is a discussion on video games and racism, I hope you don’t own games like Grand Theft Auto, or Midnight Club. That will throw your entire racism argument out the window and make you a hypocrite.

    It’s up to you whether you want to waste your time pickin’ apart this argument because I’m not coming back up on here. I was just so amazed by your closed-mindedness that I felt inclined to say something. With that, I hereby give you permission to stoop to the level of criticizing my blackness and gettin’ me with your best racial insults, if that will make you feel better and more “proud” of your Blackness…

    have a good day

  31. wow – the shiznit is on fire up in here… (and burning shit stinks)
    Yes the comercials do have racial overtones.
    If you’re offended – please do write a detailed letter to SONY and send it to your local news stations and newspapers. (post the letter here too)
    If you’re not offended then it’s probably because you’re de-sensitized.
    Either way -the commericials are funny as hell and they will stick in your mind for a long long time.
    Did anyone research who created the commercials ?
    Was it a minority owned and operated production firm ???
    If it was – then shame on them…
    If it isn’t then – damn… ya’ll got us good this time…
    laughing with us, my azz…

  32. i can’t post… i’m playin’ nut!

    ok i’ll post anyway… this is the best marketing idea ever! let see here… you have two squirrel’s of black ethnicity or two hair balls aparently from mexico. people think what they want… but it starts talks, laughter and forums… hmm… is there anyone who doesn’t know of this product yet?

    i’m sorry for all you lonely ppl out there that think bashing a commercial because you feel it’s a media hate crime is going to earn you a pat on the back… it won’t. just deal with it and laugh! i haven’t heard one black or hispanic person whine or cry about this commercial. they laugh just as hard as i do. has sony recieved any law suits on this matter? not that i know of.if they have let me know so i can talk smack about the pussies that think getting money is going to change anything. basically… if you don’t like it, fine… but leave racism out of it. and yeah i think it was a japanese guy that created this commercial. i give HIM a pat on the back!

    *PAT PAT* good job man! here’s to you! keep up the good work! HELLZ YEAH!

    black ppl and hispanics buy shit too… why not have etnic over tones… i’m half korean and white… i think i’m going to be offended that there are not any korean overtones in these commercials. oh wait… i almost forgot… I DON’T CARE!!!

  33. I wish all you dumbass jigs would shut the hell up and quit complaining. IT’S A FUCKING COMMERCIAL! This is why folks still call yall niggers cause you are! There’s blacks & theres niggers! Niggers are the ones that bitch about everything! It is a damn commercial laugh and shut the fuck up you stupid drama-startin monkeys! If they wanted it to be racist they would made it ghetto talkin monkeys!

  34. Obviously Tenn Rep is a very proud racist.
    I almost have pity for the close minded neaderthal… almost.
    (oh btw T.R. – your kind falls (or gets pushed) off the evolutionary ladder eventually)

  35. The Sony ad campaign (using rats, squirrels, dustballs) is unique, creative and entertaining. The use of animals is unexpected and memorable. It is true that there are stereotypes used in these ads but they do not seem to be used maliciously. The use of various accents seems to be their way of using this style of humor without singling out any one group in particular. What is the difference between these accents and the accents of the characters in Finding Nemo?

    This is a product targeted toward younger people and they would likely view these ads as humorous. Sony seems to have done a good job trying to attract and relate to their target market. These commercials can be seen on Comedy Central. Compared to the content of the CC programming, this humor is pretty mild. People should not read too much into these commercials.

    The controversy is actually an added bonus for Sony. The more people debate this the more “bang for the buck” they are getting for their ad dollars. These ads get people talking and this kind of buzz is good for Sony and for PSP sales.

    Criticisms of this ad campaign concerning the message include:

    1. Level of understanding. Would kids understand the concept of portability of the product from viewing these commercials or just pay attention to the characters?
    2. More information about what the product can do is needed. Sony may have focused a little bit too much on the humor and not the product.

  36. Im a black man and I dont think those commercials are racist at all, I think there very funny and creative. People like Shell and others are stuck in a bubble and only see one way there making a big deal out of a 30 sec commercial wha wha wha its racist, please SHUT UP. But I bet those people are the first ones on the ground laughing when a show like In Livin Color or Comic View starts making fun of white people. Its comedy people relax, racism will never end so deal with it and if something like a commercial bothers you its time to see a doctor, fast.

  37. To Tennessee Rep. In a strange way I agree with you, there are blacks and there are niggas. And there are white people and double-wide trailer park trash whose extended vocabulary is calling black people jigs and monkeys, i surprized you can hook up a computer where you are I mean there cant possably that many power resources in the middle of the woods can there, I would’nt know I dont go to places where we can open our front door and step into our neighbors house and say things like “hey the only thing I know how to say is nigger, monkey, jig” (redneck accient) I dont know whatever I feel bad for some people like that because people like that would NEVER confront someone of a different race and say something like that to there face. Its very easy to say it on the computer. I am so proud that mother did’nt raise me to hate people for no reason it just makes you look so stupid and that goes for all races not just Mr Tenn.

  38. WHAAAAAAAA?!!?!? I am an African Amarican Male and I can see both sides of your argument, however….that shit is funny dog!!!!! HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!!

  39. come on peole. the only reason racism is still around is cause people make problems when something is a “stereotype”. listen im latino and i like rice and beans, my friends are black and they all like fried chicken, and my white friends cant dance. SO WHAT!!!!!! the adds are really funny and thats what they were trying to do. great job guys i would like to see more of these adds in the future. my favorite one is the “id hit that” one. if anyone knows how to get that clip and put it on a myspace page please let me know. oh yeah, chinease women cant drive cars!!!!!!! peace out!!!!!

  40. Those are like the “I am the wolfman”-ad was for the PS2, expect without any creativity. American generalizations and stereotypes used to supposedly turn everything edgy and humorous. I’m sorry, but those are some of the most painfully unfunny ads I’ve ever seen.

    I bet that the assholes in Sony’s marketing thought that it’d be hilarious to have MTV-esque language embedded into those, so as to make them seem edgy. It doesn’t work. Well, except on like 99% of the American populace it seems, but that’s no surprise considering America and its culture as a whole.

    I’m just glad that that 1% is still alive and kicking, and not staying quiet.

  41. shell n gar should just go kill themselves for bein douschebag hypocrites. who cares if ur offended cuz ur a pussy? whether the ppl that made these commercials made them to offend or not, it doesnt matter. If u are offended, go kill yourself. if not, good for you. IM me @ wswbauer on AIM if u wanna talk. later.

  42. The PSP commercials are absolutely the worst piece of crap on the face of the earth. I can’t believe Sony is stupid enough to allow such garbage to get any air time whatsoever.

    Everytime I see those commercials, I just switch the channel.
    It’s truly disppointing too since the PSP is such a great product.

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