MacBook Pro – Apple Changes Naming

MacBook Pro Naming

People in the blogosphere are unsure why Apple has changed its naming from Powerbook to MacBook. Here’s Steve Jobs official statement:

“It’s a new name because we’re kinda done with ‘Power’ and because we want ‘Mac’ in the name of our products.”

This would imply that the MacBook name may not only replace the PowerBook but the iBook as well. Also raises some questions about the continued use of the “PowerMac” name.

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro – Apple Changes Naming”

  1. Perhaps they will call the PowerMac ÃœberMac ? :p

    Or it would be Mac Pro

    Or how about Mac Pro G6 ! as it will be the 6th generation Mac with of course the slick enclosure! I think we need to speculate on that more :>

    Ok… how about a G5 style enclosure BUT! the vent holes are much more slimmer.

    your turn 😉

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