Ex-Daewoo profits from Chevrolet image

Logo Chevrolet Daewoo Matiz

The name change of Korean General Motors company Daewoo in “Chevrolet” serves as distribution boost. In Eastern Europe car sales exploded by 370 percent and merchandising with caps, etc. also saw a strong increase. The “mythos” Chevrolet has worked perfectly, says Austrian import chief Michael Röck.

Existing customers are even willing to pay 200 € to “upgrade” their Daewoo car with Chevrolet logos and labels. Crazy.

One thought on “Ex-Daewoo profits from Chevrolet image”

  1. The existing customers are only fooling themselves, and I doubt they will make the €200 back on the resale. I also doubt whether the use of Holden in Australia and New Zealand will be successful for Daewoo.

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