Study Finds Spam Relevant A report by Epsilon Interactive, the company which recently announced plans to acquire DoubleClick Email Solutions, and the GfK Group found that 58% of the 584 U.S. respondents “agreed that e-mail they receive is usually targeted to their need and interests,” representing a 5% increase from over a year ago.

Looking at my inbox again I found 3216 items since 12th December 2005 with “targeted e-mails” like

  • Effortless Pharmaceutika
  • jvhiup and qe (aha, i see)
  • Re: nader (yes, my name is nader)
  • Stronger, more powerful climaxes (the usual)
  • bigger? my my!
  • Tree-Trunk Men Massive Action Bonus nader! (wow, once again my name. they must have very intelligent spam software)

Who the hell are those 58% and is a measurement with only 580 respondents valuable for the US? No.

Remember the letter, advertising a telephone provider, written in Arabic!?

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