BI is not dead! Stay tuned for updates

Thanks for the many (positive) e-mails!

To tell you straight away: Brand Infection is not dead.

It’s just that I’ve moved into an apartment without internet (no DSL and not even telephone modem), had private troubles and couldn’t post new articles.

Nevertheless I’ve been working offline on a new version with a lot of cool features, released july:

  • New Frontpage for a better overview
  • Better & extended search functionality
  • 3 new wonderful site-colors (green, blue, khaki)
  • WAP-Version for your mobile phone
  • Forum for discussing the latest and greatest
  • Add your brand
  • … and more

Please keep your faith in this project, support and kind words.

Thanks, Nader

7 thoughts on “BI is not dead! Stay tuned for updates”

  1. would be interested in reader’s view of our site – is what we do and how to do it clear to you? also, am trying to come up with some cool slogans for a poster campaign we are going to deploy throughout unis, cafes and retail outlets – is it legal to adapt some of the other slogans for these? For ex; Just Do It – Upload Your Resume on

    g’day from down under!

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