Grundig: Your Customer Service Sucks!

It all started with a visit to my favorite bar where I saw those stylish speakers hanging down the ceiling. Shortly thereafter I got the Grundig Audiorama 9000 as a gift and was amazed. Such expensive speakers as a gift – one of those speakers costs around $700(!) – and unlucky me hasn’t got any amplifier to actually use them.

Until now I only had a micro stereo which wouldn’t handle speakers with more than 40W so I thought I’d ask German company Grundig if they have a recommendation. I explained my situation and waited for more than two weeks to finally receive this super helpful message:

Dear Mr. Cserny,

at the moment we don’t have any suitable amplifiers in our product range.

Best regards,


Doh! I have seen myself that they don’t have any suitable product on their website but I thought if somebody spends around $1400 for two speakers they at least have a recommendation where and what to look for.

Well, no…

The speakers are pure quality and very stylish but Grundig’s customer service sucks big time.

2 thoughts on “Grundig: Your Customer Service Sucks!”

  1. Not sure how this is a “customer service” issue. It’s more like an impotent product line-up issue. Grundig has sort of been waning for years and hasn’t had a decent line of actual HiFi systems since the early 80’s. I’m sure these speakers are fantastic–I have a set of original Audioramas from the 70’s when Grundig was one of few speaker manufacturers who made their own parts, e.g. the speakers inside the speaker.

    Nevertheless, I think your headline is a bit misleading, because they truly have nothing in their line that is appropriate for these speakers, so I’m not sure how the response could have been any different. Perhaps less curt maybe?

  2. You are right Paul, it’s a product line-up issue but in my opinion it also has something to do with making customers happy, e.g. recommending a suitable product from another company even if there is none in the line-up.

    A satisfying answer would have been:

    We currently don’t have any product in our line-up but would recommend looking at Denon amplifiers that can handle over 100W.

    Maybe that is too much to ask but the customer would have a better feeling instead of waiting two weeks for the mentioned answer above.

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