Sex Sells – Business Advertising Basics for Successful Selling

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities for humans, which is why it is so popular. If you want a successful business even during a recession, you need to advertise your business.

Without necessarily adding sex or raunchy slogans into your business advertisements, you can use the properties of sex appeal to get your product, brand, and business noticed by the right crowd – your potential customers. Here are five ways you can make your advertising like sex for increased business success.

1 – Get Noticed

Anyone who goes on a date spends some time in front of a mirror preparing for the date. Women will apply make-up, men will shave, and everyone brushes their hair. You need to do the same when you want people to notice your business advertisement. Pay attention to the design of the advertisement, choose colours, words, and pictures carefully, and proofread the advert before publishing it.

You want the customers to remember the advertisement and not because you have a spelling mistake in it or it looks somehow wrong. Think of the advertisement as your dating profile on an online dating website. It is the first thing your customers may see and you want to stand out from the crowd. When you create a dating profile as an individual, you think about the characteristics you offer potential dates. When you create a business advertisement, think about the characteristics your products offer for potential customers.

2 – Be the Dream

Most young women dream of meeting “Mr Right”, but the dream guy is different for every woman as individuals prefer diverse characteristics. When advertising your business product, you may have several different types of people who all want different things in life who all need your product.

The most successful advertising taps into the dreams of the customers and shows the potential customers how the product fits into that dream. Think about your target market and consider what motivates the people in that target market group. Show how your product helps the target market tap into those dreams and your business advertising will be successful.

3 – More than One Night Stands

While one night stands are popular for younger daters, many older people prefer a longer and deeper relationship because sex is better when it is in the context of a loving relationship. If you are aiming for a one night stand, you can be less choosy than when you are looking for a long-term relationship. You do not care if you never see a one-night stand again.

When designing your advertising keep in mind two ideas: you want to form a long-term relationship with your customers rather than have one-time buys, and you want to attract attention more than once. Dressing your product in a way that attracts attention briefly but does not build trust with the customer will not cause the customer to return to buy your product again. Advertising gurus have proven that it takes an average person 11 times to remember seeing an advertisement. You need to keep advertising your product; otherwise, you will find that customers forget your business.

4 – Variety Adds Spice to Sex

People who have been married for several years often find that trying something new can add a spice and enjoyment to sex. The same thing applies when you are planning your business advertising campaigns. Variety adds spice to life and using a variety of themes in your advertising campaigns will ensure that your advertising retains the customer’s interest in the long-term. Try several positions, aim at different aspects of the customers’ dreams, and aim advertisements at a variety of people to get the “most bang for your buck”, or the best return on your advertising dollar.

5 – Go for Satisfaction

Finally, the best sex happens when both partners feel satisfied by the end of the experience. Your business advertisement is only the start of the process in satisfying your customers. Make sure your advertising is truthful and does not make claims that your product cannot meet as this only leads to unhappy customers in the end. Look at the other areas of the business, such as sales, customer service, and administration processes to ensure that your total product (including the service) satisfies your customers.

Sex sells, but you do not have to pose sexy women in bikinis near your product to make your advertising have sex appeal for your customers. When you are planning your business advertising campaigns, think about what you are offering your customers. If your advertisement is like sex, you will end up with satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

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