Rosti Mepal Hydro Pot

Another week another entry about flowers and hydro pots … and this from somebody who hadn’t had a greenthumb. Maybe that’s why this product is so great. The Rosti Mepal hydro pots come with an upper half for the plant and a lower half as water reservoir. The promise is that you don’t have to water your plants that often and they’re not dead when you forget to water them or go on holidays.

The Rosti Mepal hydro herbs pot is available in three sizes and from personal experience I’d recommend the medium or largest one since they are most practical. The small hydro pot is nice but might only be useful for small early stage plants. Apart from great functionality the pots come in various colors and look great on your shelf.

Rosti Mepal Hydro Pot in various colors

Rosti Mepal Hydro Pot Installation Video

Rosti Mepal Hydro

About Rosti Mepal

Rosti Mepal Logo

Rosti Mepal, established in the 1950s and located in the Netherlands, has been devoted to developing original plastic products. Many designs have been part of the Rosti Mepal collection for decades. High quality, superb functional features and a timeless base design keep these products up-to-date for years and years while still alternating the colour concepts and decorations.

Since its foundation, Mepal has been a trusted name in the Dutch market, a synonym for plastic consumer products. A comparable position is attributed to the original Danish brand Rosti, which was also established in the middle of the last century. In 1993 Mepal and Rosti merged into a single enterprise, the current Rosti Mepal.

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