Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks Through the Eyes of a Child

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old)

Here’s a video rundown of various logos along with an interpretation of a 5-year old. Funny how she thought one logo looks like “little squirms” or worms and tries to associate several logos to colourful balls, marble, baby toys, and “babies are little.”

Kodak’s Moment(um) Is Over

Kodak Sales GraphThis sales chart of Kodak says it all. While camera phones and digital photography in general took off and were climbing endlessly, Kodak’s business continually degraded. The company who used to stand for a whole generation of photographers, consumers and artists is dead. Continue reading “Kodak’s Moment(um) Is Over”

Red Bull Is Insane Or This Guy Is At Least: Jumps Onto Arc De Triomphe With His Motorcycle

Red Bull paid this Australian guy $2,000,000 to jump onto an Arc de Triomphe replica in Las Vegas…with his motocross bike! I never have seen something like this and it’s so extreme it nearly looks like a fake. Continue reading “Red Bull Is Insane Or This Guy Is At Least: Jumps Onto Arc De Triomphe With His Motorcycle”

Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011

Top 15 Brands On TwitterHootsuite, the social media management dashboard, released an infographic showing the top 15 trending brands on twitter from 2011. To round out the trendiest topics they also included Topics, Tags and in Memorium Trends.

Interesting to note MySpace is still at #7 even though the network is pretty much dead (Nielsen ranks them at #5 of social networks & blogs, before Google+ and tumblr) , and, RIM even makes it into the top 15. The data in this series was collected by WhatTheTrend from over 500,000 trends which appeared on Continue reading “Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011”

Red Bull Special Edition: Cranberry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), Lime (Silver)

While staying in Vienna, Austria (I reported about the first and stylish STABILO Store there), I saw the newly released Red Bull special editions in a supermarket and gave them a try. Personally I’m pretty much a Red Bull addict but my girlfriend, who hates the original Red Bull taste (as a lot of others do btw), actually likes the red edition “Cranberry”. Alongside Cranberry (“The Red Edition”) are Lime (“The Silver Edition”) and Blueberry (“The Blue Edition”) flavored Red Bulls. Continue reading “Red Bull Special Edition: Cranberry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), Lime (Silver)”

Stylish STABILO Store In Vienna

I’m spending Christmas holidays in my hometown Vienna, Austria where I spotted a new and stylish store by pen supplier STABILO. It’s the brand’s first flagship store and the architects have done a great job reconstructing a former jewellery shop. The store has the typical color-pen shape and even the entrance door makes you recognize their pens. I love those little details and people taking care of them.

Continue reading “Stylish STABILO Store In Vienna”

Logorama Wins Oscar 2010 For “Best Animated Short”


Logorama, an animated short by H5, has won an Oscar in the short film category. In a world made up entirely of trademarks and brand names, Michelin Man cops pursue a criminal Ronald McDonald. Awesome! Full video after the click.
Continue reading “Logorama Wins Oscar 2010 For “Best Animated Short””

Foursquare Rap – Badges Like Us [Video]

You know when a service evolved from its early-adopter base to the mainstream: somebody creates a rap song about the service. “Badges Like Us” finds Mr. Silva (@borismsilver) and “Newby” (@thenewb) rapping about checking-in all over cities and earning badges. It also features the lyric, “I hope this hits TechCrunch or else I’ll be sad,”

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