How I Generate Passive Income – With Investments & Dividends

Passive income is all the rage nowadays and I personally think “passive” in this respect is a little bit shortsighted when it comes to digital businesses. There is always something you need to do, maintain or keep running in order to profit from passive income, essentially you are actively involved in the process. An area where passive income is still kind of true is around financial investments with stocks and financial products returning dividends. Continue reading “How I Generate Passive Income – With Investments & Dividends”

3D Printing Is For Nerds Today But A Lucrative Investment For Tomorrow

Do you remember those noisy old dot-matrix printers you used ages ago, either at the office of your dad or at your home if you were lucky? This was early in the days before we got to thermo, inkjet and/or color laser printers. At the same time Microsoft wasn’t as big, burnable CD-ROMs were super expensive, Apple hadn’t thought about the iPod and IBM was still a big consumer PC brand. Printer sizes, computers and technology in general have dramatically evolved since then.
Keeping history in mind let’s think about 3D printing and where it currently stands on the overall timeline. Parts of the story sound familiar to past technological evolutions. I am sure it will be a game changer in the manufacturing process and it could as well be a lucrative investment if your entry is timely and timed right.

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