Hilarious & Nerdy Cartoons Making Fun Of Work, Technology, Colleagues,…

You know the deal: tons of weirdly named files in a folder and you cannot find the most recent version, people asking what SUDO does, your girlfriend telling you to spend more time with her, and, colleagues at work fussing about code documentation…forget about it and have fun with these hilarious cartoons by Geek & […]

London Tube Map Built With Drinking Straws

How cool is that!? Brighton-based artist Kyle Bean built the London tube map solely with drinking straws, more specifically Zone One of London’s underground system. Recreating a company’s logo using drinking straws would also be pretty cool. What do you think? More pictures after the click.

Crashed Ferrari Table

A crashed Ferrari becomes a table. French artist Charly Molinelli obtained a Ferrari 308 from a scrap press, created a wooden frame and put a piece of glas on top: the first “Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table”. Pretty flamboyant. Too bad my apartment is too small and besides, it costs over $15,000. Well, still cheaper than […]

Artsy-Fartsy Ad For A Cab Company

During my last holidays in Vienna, Austria I spotted a weird advertisement for a cab company (Taxi 40 100) and wondered what this artsy “painting” on a billboard should tell me as a customer!? They’ve probably got the most creative drivers for driving you to around your destination. Any other ideas?