Hilarious & Nerdy Cartoons Making Fun Of Work, Technology, Colleagues,…

You know the deal: tons of weirdly named files in a folder and you cannot find the most recent version, people asking what SUDO does, your girlfriend telling you to spend more time with her, and, colleagues at work fussing about code documentation…forget about it and have fun with these hilarious cartoons by Geek & Poke! Continue reading “Hilarious & Nerdy Cartoons Making Fun Of Work, Technology, Colleagues,…”

QR Code Space Invaders Shirt

Ok, Christmas is over but maybe one of your friends has his/her birthday, or, you just want to get this for yourself. QR Codes might be all the rage (or not) for advertising and marketing in your country but here is something special for geeks: the QR Code Space Invaders t-shirt, available at threadless.

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Click And Grow. The Flower Pot For Lazy Gardeners

I’ve come across a pretty cool and technologically hyper-advanced flower pot. The Click & Grow pot automatically takes care of your plant by the use of sensors, a microprocessor and special software. The “device” comes with a flower cartridge installed but can be replaced by others, for example a basil mix or mini tomato cartridge, for the avid cooker. This might be a great and unique christmas present…or is it fake and I got fooled?