Need Stock Images? Save Money And Do-oogle It Yourself!

What if you could get high quality images at absolutely no cost? I have one single recommendation you can immediately use to quickly and easily find the pictures you are looking for. And I am not talking about iStockPhoto, Shutterstock or similar portals. Find out how. Continue reading “Need Stock Images? Save Money And Do-oogle It Yourself!”

Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm

Google - Content Is KingYesterday Google announced a major(!) upgrade to its search ranking algorithm which will drastically change the way designers and more importantly online marketeers will think about their website layouts. In Google’s ongoing effort to help users find more high-quality websites in search results, the company will introduce an improved algorithm. From then on Google will not only analyse content and keywords but also the page layout, more importantly the placements and usage of ads. Continue reading “Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm”

Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011

Top 15 Brands On TwitterHootsuite, the social media management dashboard, released an infographic showing the top 15 trending brands on twitter from 2011. To round out the trendiest topics they also included Topics, Tags and in Memorium Trends.

Interesting to note MySpace is still at #7 even though the network is pretty much dead (Nielsen ranks them at #5 of social networks & blogs, before Google+ and tumblr) , and, RIM even makes it into the top 15. The data in this series was collected by WhatTheTrend from over 500,000 trends which appeared on Continue reading “Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011”

Let It Snow, Google

Google Let It Snow

Google’s got a creative and tricky search result once again. After “tilt” or “do a barrel roll” it’s now “let it snow”. People who aren’t celebrating christmas can type in “hannukah”. Google started with those tricks some time ago but since new web technologies emerged and still continue to do so they not only pimp their doodles but also create better and better search results. Continue reading “Let It Snow, Google”

Good Content Trumps SEO Says Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts from Google has been asked if Google would favor sites that are built following SEO Best Practice techniques, and, that there must be many technically poor sites that actually have fantastic content which shouldn’t be penalised. His answer:

Continue reading “Good Content Trumps SEO Says Matt Cutts”

Best Pivots in Business: Did you know Berkshire Hathaway was into Textiles?

Best Pivots in BusinessThere is an interesting discussion and outcome at Quora: users were asked what they find the best pivots in business.

Did you know that Berkshire Hathaway produced Textiles before getting into the private equity business? Or Sony producing Rice cookers before conquering and (at least partially) losing the electronics world? Check out the answers and Nokia shoes from 1936… Continue reading “Best Pivots in Business: Did you know Berkshire Hathaway was into Textiles?”