How I Generate Passive Income – With Investments & Dividends

Passive income is all the rage nowadays and I personally think “passive” in this respect is a little bit shortsighted when it comes to digital businesses. There is always something you need to do, maintain or keep running in order to profit from passive income, essentially you are actively involved in the process. An area where passive income is still kind of true is around financial investments with stocks and financial products returning dividends. Continue reading “How I Generate Passive Income – With Investments & Dividends”

How Amazon Went From ‘First’ To ‘Biggest’

amazonWhen Amazon made their move into eCommerce, analysts and experts alike where questioning their possibilities of success. Where the business world was putting at doubt the future and importance of online-shopping, Amazon was looking at the bigger picture of simply being unable to physically achieve the promising size of an online business by conventional methods (i.e. bookstores and superbookstores), thus betting all their money on the new economy world the internet had brought with it. And Amazon sure did prove to have bet on the right horse … Continue reading “How Amazon Went From ‘First’ To ‘Biggest’”