Growth Hacking 101: What Is A Growth Hacker?

The term growth hacker is becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace, but many people may not really be aware what this role actually looks like. Growth hackers most commonly work for startup businesses, where a product or service is new, and where the leadership team is looking for explosive growth. For these businesses, traditional marketers may simply not be effective. Traditional marketing relies on an established product, and growth targets are normally more modest. For a growth hacker, the target is always considerable growth over a short period of time. So what does the work of a growth hacker actually involve?

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10 Websites That Boost Your Traffic For Free

At the beginning of a startup’s life there is hardly time for marketing as you are spending most of your day developing and refining your product. But don’t forget that some traction is very helpful for gathering feedback in the early stages of product development. Here are some websites you can submit your startup to and generate traffic, for free.

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When Advertising Meets Reality

We all know that advertisers often make products look prettier and more tasteful than they really are. This is obviously ok although sometimes the difference is astounding.

There is an interesting art project comparing products and advertisement photos which you can see in the video below.

Thanks to Klas for the hat tip.