The Truth About Rap Videos

Die Wahrheit über Rap-Videos

Rap stars like Snoop Dogg, 50cent and Wiz Kalifa are famous for their videos featuring easy girls, tons of money and fancy cars. In fact you hardly see a rap video without those things. Here’s a funny video showcasing the truth about rap videos aka all those materialistic gadgets don’t belong to most of those other “rap stars”. 🙂

Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day” Video Shows The Future of Glass Technology

The company behind the innovative glass displays of our modern smart phones and tablets, Corning, has just released a new video depicting their vision of the future and the infinite possibilities with the use of Gorilla Glass. Continue reading “Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day” Video Shows The Future of Glass Technology”

iPad Shot with Shotgun Video

“Paying too much for tax preparation is a lot like…throwing money away.” Free Tax USA shoots on an iPad with a shotgun and destroys it. Interesting to see how the glass explodes all over the place. In my point of view not the perfect connection to tax payments but surely an extreme ad luring some eyeballs.

When Advertising Meets Reality

We all know that advertisers often make products look prettier and more tasteful than they really are. This is obviously ok although sometimes the difference is astounding.

There is an interesting art project comparing products and advertisement photos which you can see in the video below.

Thanks to Klas for the hat tip.

The Palm Pre Kicks Ass! Watch The Full Video From CES

When Palm announced their upcoming Palm Pre Smartphone the whole internet spoke about it. Positively.

If you want to know why, here’s the full video presentation from CES.

After having watched the video I can say the Palm Pre (facts) kicks iPhone’s ass in terms of usability, multi-tasking with flipping applications, seamless integration of the cloud, checking the calendar while on the speaker phone, unobstrusive notifications. Wow!

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Mac Vs. PC Campaign: An Analysis

The cultural differences of both companies are reflected in their current commercials. Who’s getting more momentum out of the campaigns?

Apple and Microsoft are constantly throwing adverts at their users not showing cool product features but promoting their company image. While Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign tries to present the mac as progressive and cool, the PC as conservative and boring, Microsoft is using various types of spots to answer Apple’s commercials.

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