MSN Spaces Steals Ubuntu Logo?

Only some time after the launch of MSN Spaces a couple of bloggers are already claiming Microsoft has stolen the logo from the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu.

The logos surely look very similar in shape, angle and size but there is still the question if this was done on purpose. “Three (or more) people holding hands” is not very uncommon for pictograms in the community area.

Logo Comparison: MSN Spaces vs. Ubuntu Linux

MSN Spaces vs. Ubuntu Logo

Logo from community based Website Scripps

Scripps Logo


  1. Most logos look similar to something else, and to be fair, Microsoft’s logo is only Arial with a very minor alteration.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don’t think there would be any question as to who owns MSN Spaces (which would be the criteria for a legal dispute).

  2. Yes, getting inspiration from others is common in the world of design but I’m not perfectly sure at what point one would say a logo has been copied.

    What’s for sure though is Microsoft is often inspired by other companies, developers, designers. Maybe too often.

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