at&t meets reddot meets MC Escher

The new at&t logo should get an award, for example the well-known reddot from Germany.

Somehow those two logos look pretty similar. Maybe they were inspired by one of MC Escher’s drawings and maybe at&t will also use some kind of animation like the one used for reddot (as shown on their website).

at&t looks like reddot MC Escher
MC Escher: Spher Spirals 1958 woodcut in grey, black, yellow and pink, printed from 4 blocks

Getting inspiration from others is common in the world of design but I’m not sure at what point one would say a logo has been copied. I guess in this case at&t or the agency producing the new look didn’t know about reddot.

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  1. I think in AT&T’s case they already had the existing circular logo with the horizontal lines… they just translucently spherized(sp) it.

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