Piss On Playstation

Quite clever ad for Sony PlayStation with the philosophy that gaming is everywhere. Increase your score by hitting the icons. Fake?

Personally I think there are better options for advertising on urinals, for example the typical “football-game” where you need to shoot goals with your urine stream. That is actually more “fun”, at least when you are talking about having fun on the toilet.

PlayStation Urinal Game Ads

5 replies on “Piss On Playstation”

  1. Just loaded it into photoshop and zoomed in a little. Compression artifacts around the ps2 symbols and font look really weird. And the display for hit count doesn’t really look like a display I think. All in all it’s just a bad manipulation in my opinion.

  2. it’s pretty obviously faked … don’t think that SCE knows about it.
    but i can’t imagine someone did this in photoshop.

    to me it seems pretty obvious that someone took a bunch of playstation stickers and made this himself at a urinal …

    reguarding the artifacts : it’s pretty obvious that he used transparent stickers with the respective logo on it … that explains why you get artifacts around the logos themself 😉

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