Video Download: Volkswagen GTI – Unpimp your ride

“German engineering in da house!”
Hilarious ads from Volkswagen for their new GTI model starring Peter Stormare.

VW GTI: Catapult VW GTI: Crate VW GTI: Wrecking Ball

Here are the three popular commercials in quicktime format for you to enjoy, watch on your iPod or download to your harddisk.

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Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

18 replies on “Video Download: Volkswagen GTI – Unpimp your ride”

  1. Wow, these commercials are great. First I want to go out and buy a “Fast” doll. And now I’m wondering about getting this car…..Nah, I’m a Honda man. NSX, S2000, and CBRF4i. But, still….very ingenious commercial.

  2. It only saves as an htm doc for me too. I can see the direct links, but I am unable to save them as the .mov files. Any chance they could get posted in another format – like wmv perhaps?

  3. Upgrade your browser to Mozilla 1.5,
    go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, Edit Action,
    select MOV (files), change it to downloads to
    My Computer.

    It works, I’ve did it

  4. Volkswagen = NAZI ???? That’s the message i get from the un-pimp commercial where the UBER-MASTER-RACE guys steal the car from som black dude who is portrayed as too stupid to even speak english.

    Then they make a bunch of V for victory signs, just to rub it in that the HITLER-DESIGNED Volkswagon has won world war two, and, having killed all the jews they could, they are now smashing japs.

  5. Hitler’s dead. The Nazi party is no longer in office. That’s been true for a few decades now. It’s time to move on.

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