Relaunch: New & Enhanced Version

After spending some time with development I am happy to present you the new Brand Infection with a lot of enhancements. I’m sorry it took so long but you know how it is 🙂


  • New Frontpage
    for a quick’n’easy overview of what is going on
  • User Interaction
    Rate blog posts, advertisements and at the same time, check other top rated/most popular entries
  • Enhanced Search
    Include/exclude specific categories in your search
  • Color Themes
    Choose one of 4 themes to reflect your daily mood. In red, blue, green and khaki
  • Mobile users
    WAP-Version with comments, point your mobile device to, and for the comments to
  • Speed
    now hosted on its own dedicated server, upgraded blogging software
  • Coming soon: Forum, Add-your-brand and more

Happy you’re here and getting involved. Should you encounter any errors or wish to feed me back let me know.

3 replies on “Relaunch: New & Enhanced Version”

  1. Looks great! Is this still WordPress? 😉

    Can you tell me what you used for this color-change-feature? I’ve been looking for something like this since i use WordPress. 🙂

  2. Yes, this still is WordPress 🙂
    I had some trouble upgrading to 2.0.4 but now everything should work fine.

    I’m planning to release the Colors-Plugin to the masses. It will take a couple of weeks though as I need to tidy it up.

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