To donate is hard.

Trying to send a donation for tumor surgery to Ghana ain’t that easy. At least not when Moneygram closes your account (after you successfully did the first transfer) because you’re not complying with their terms & service…and when the recipient doesn’t have PayPal, Facebook or even a bitcoin address.

Well there is always good old Western Union and another identity verification process ahead of me.

My Road Trip Through Europe With Kids: Ideas & Planning [#01]

I once did a road trip in the US and since I have kids I always had the idea to show them Europe so they know where they live, what cultures and languages people speak and ultimately what surrounds and influences them. This is the first post in a series of many more to come and is about my initial ideas and plans of our roadtrip through Europe. Continue reading “My Road Trip Through Europe With Kids: Ideas & Planning [#01]”