Optimizing Your Content for Today

Search Engines Drive Traffic

It’s that simple, really. When people want to find something today, they turn to the search engine almost by default. Most of the time, whatever shows up on the first page of a search grabs an individual’s attention, and results after that page go ignored. For this reason alone, your business must be in the top several results a given search engine produces. Continue reading “Optimizing Your Content for Today”

Essentiality of a Time Tracking System

Time is always a valuable form of capital and once lost it can never be recovered. Failing to manage your time efficiently will result to a decrease in the productivity. Unlike many other kinds of services that mandates you to deal with timers, having a time track system gives you an easier way to manage your time and make you stay organized at work. You will have little effort in keeping track of the working time because it enables you to choose a task on the list, and with the pressing of a button you start tracking your time. Continue reading “Essentiality of a Time Tracking System”

Going All In With Family & Friends for Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the most magical times in a young couple’s lives; there are things to decide, there are people to invite, and there are memories to be made. At the same time though weddings are one of the most expensive things that people are ever going to be responsible to pay for. Your home will likely cost more as will a child but some weddings these days are even more expensive than an education at a university! Continue reading “Going All In With Family & Friends for Your Wedding”

Don’t Let Multi-Sided Platform Users Tarnish Your Brand

Multi-sided platforms have experienced significant growth over the past decade. The value created from matching two people online can be high margin and very well protected against competitors that lack a large user base. However, this same advantage of having many users can also lead to threats in your company’s brand reputation. For instance, in the freelance market, the poor performance of freelancers can negatively reflect the platform’s image for allowing such low contractors to join. Had this phenomenon not been possible, the now infamous online dating term ‘catfish’, would not exist. Continue reading “Don’t Let Multi-Sided Platform Users Tarnish Your Brand”

Small Business Loans without the Bank

It is a well-known and long-running problem for small businesses everywhere; getting invoices paid on time and avoid financing gaps can be a difficult challenge. Banks have traditionally filled the role, but a new trend has taken hold of alternative sources dedicated to small business financing. The technical term is business liquidity, but to the small business owners it means getting paid so that they can pay all of their bills and expenses. For small businesses, growth depends on cash flow; particularly in sales environments, unpaid invoices can limit business growth. Continue reading “Small Business Loans without the Bank”

My Home Is My Office: Getting Real About Working From Home

The ability to work from home is a dream that countless people have. They dream of things like working in their pajamas, not having a boss, and setting their own work hours. Many people achieve this dream, but soon learn the harsh reality. The things they have dreamed of for so long turn out to have numerous disadvantages. It seems that each advantage has a flip side, or a disadvantage, you need to cope with. Continue reading “My Home Is My Office: Getting Real About Working From Home”