In-game Advertising forum speaker list finalized

The first-ever Advertising in Games Forum announced the final lineup of speakers for its April 14 event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The keynote speaker will be Mitch Davis, CEO of Massive. Execs from Activision, NPD Group, The Georgia Institute of Technology, Vivendi, Bounce Interactive and the United Talent Agency are also participating. The event is designed to explore current trends surrounding the addition of commercial ads into games. More Information at the In-Game Ad Forum Website

Pimp My Burger – Burger King gone Viral

Burger King has gone viral again with PimpMyBurger, a site dedicated to some dudes rapping about a chicken burger getting pimped, thus spoofing the popular reality show, Pimp My Ride on MTV. They’ve basically copied the full script while adding their own pimperage to the show.
This campaign could be very successful in the young age group because it’s just a hell lot of fun while watching.

Google Introduces Image Ads

Google has just introduced its enhanced AdSense program to a group of selected clients. Next to the well-known text ads, publishers can now incorporate more “eye-catching” ads (= blinking gif banners) in their site. Google limits the size of animated GIFs to 50 kilobytes, AdSense publishers need only opt-in to increase their money generating possibilities.

The feedback has been mixed so far, as Google’s price model is based on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis and advertisers claim, this model is not suitable for GIF banners, which can have a branding value even if consumers don’t click on them. For this reason, banners are traditionally sold based on cost-per-thousand impression basis.

When it gets to online advertising in general, the ad format 468×60 has always been a standard and could remain so for the upcoming years. But there are way prettier and more effective ad formats on the market, ie the “Leaderboard” with 728×90 and the “Skyscraper” with 120×600. A lot of well-known online-magazines use them:,, These specific ad formats enable a less intrusive way of catching the visitor/consumer as they’re not directly embedded into the content but remain at the outer edges of a website.

I’d prefer interesting image ads more than those boring non-multimedia text ads. But when is advertising actually fun and catchy? The online advertising industry still has a long way to go.

Bye, bye Captain Iglo!

Old Logo
New Logo
After 41 years of advertising with the white fork on blue background, the frozen food company changes its corporate design to an updated, more food convenient look. Apparently the new logo should have a “warmer” and “more natural” appearance. We’ll see whether this works in the big supermarkets and if customers will recognize the brand. It doesn’t seem very distinguishable from the competitors and just for design’s sake, the logo is standard and inexpressive.

Schluss mit den Amateur Kaugummis! German Ad

Wrigley’s Extra Professional | Schluss mit den Amateur Kaugummis!

Schluss mit den Amateur Kaugummis!


Unglaublich was sich Firmen immer wieder erlauben, um Alt-Bekanntes als Neuen-Mist zu verkaufen. Und das nur um Ihre Geschäftszahlen aufzupolieren. Nicht weil Ihnen unsere Zähne am Herzen liegen.

Heute: Der Kaugummi für professionelle Kauer. Amateur-Kaugummis sind von gestern!

Wer sind nun professionelle Kauer und wie funktioniert das?

Gebrüder Wrigley hatten die Schnauze gestrichen voll. Nach zahlreichen Zahnbrüchen, Schmerzen im Unterkiefer und schlechtem Atem wollten sie dem Schattendasein in der Amateurliga ein Ende bereiten. Nach einigen Seminaren “Kauen für Fortgeschrittene” und fleißigem Training wollten Sie noch einen drauf setzen. Einfach “a little bit more professional” sein.

Das Geschäftsmodell sieht zwar keine Abonnements vor, funktioniert jedoch umso besser. Und zwar bei jeder Zielgruppe und nicht nur bei den Kids. Ihr Geheimnis: Kügelchen im Kaugummi. Einige Professional Zähneputzer kennen die Tricks bereits von der Zahnpasta. Und jetzt? Gibts die zum Glück auch in Kaugummis.

Für wie dumm halten uns Konzerne eigentlich oder anders gefragt:
Wie brandinfected müssen wir eigentlich sein ?

Bringt Lidl jetzt eigentlich auch einen Abklatsch namens “Lidl Kau-tschi-Professional”?

Passt ganz gut in unsere Zeit von Wellness, Beauty-Tuning und Schönheits-OPs, dachten sich die Wrigleys, die Orbits und die BigReds. Die Hubba Bubbas auch? Ahso, das sind ja alles die Wrigleys.