Study: Blogs Reach High Income, Educated Audience

BlogAds, a service that allows advertisers to build their own classified-like ads on-demand on participating weblogs has now published the firm’s second blog readership study. The results align closely with last years.

Highlights include: 75% are over 30, 75% are men, 43% have HHI over $90K Most, 14%, are employed in education, 71% have signed a petition, 66% have contacted a politician, 50% (highest of any media) rank blogs tops in usefulness for news and opinion. Read the entire study

Blogs are becoming a more and more important opportunity for advertisers to get their message through, to an audience whose internet understanding is generally very high and their daily blog reading experience constant. BlogAds is just one of the bigger companies focusing on ads for blogs but I’m sure the real business will really start when agencies like DoubleClick jump in with their Rich Media and GIF-Banners, …

Vodafone wants Customers to Pee on a Strip of Paper

The new Vodafone Advertisement (Picture) wants to convince customers to pee on a little strip of paper, just like women do when using a pregnancy test. Apparently a paper turning into red indicates people having the catch, refering to competing cell phone provider’s practice of tying discounts and promotions to loopholes or catches. This Ad surely is different but will it succeed in the outside world?

In-Game Advertising Pioneers Join Forces with IGA Partners

In-Game Advertising pioneers Darren Herman and Andrew Sispoidis join forces with IGA Partners, Ltd. to launch IGA Partners North America.
IGA Partners has created a diverse video game media and advertising network across multiple platforms with opportunities for both static and dynamic advertising placements. The creation of the North American company will help IGA Partners, Ltd. expand into the United States and Canadian markets while taking advantage of the infrastructure and relationships that Herman and Sispoidis have already built.

“We are extremely excited about bringing Darren and Andrew onboard and making them part of our team,” says Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Partners Europe, “With their previous track record of success in the in-game advertising and video game industry with inGamePartners, we recognized a real opportunity to expand our global
reach and offer more opportunities to our clients.”

Smarties Gets Make-Over

Old Vs. NewChildhood may never be quite the same again. Nestle, the maker of Smarties has announced it will change the complete branding, including a Make-Over of the 68-year-old cylindrical design, being changed to a hexagonal pack.

Apparently Nestle wants to keep their brand “fresh and interesting”. Smarties have been sold in a cylinder-shaped packet since the sweets were first launched by Rowntree’s of York in 1937. The taste still remains the same.

In-game Advertising forum speaker list finalized

The first-ever Advertising in Games Forum announced the final lineup of speakers for its April 14 event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The keynote speaker will be Mitch Davis, CEO of Massive. Execs from Activision, NPD Group, The Georgia Institute of Technology, Vivendi, Bounce Interactive and the United Talent Agency are also participating. The event is designed to explore current trends surrounding the addition of commercial ads into games. More Information at the In-Game Ad Forum Website

Pimp My Burger – Burger King gone Viral

Burger King has gone viral again with PimpMyBurger, a site dedicated to some dudes rapping about a chicken burger getting pimped, thus spoofing the popular reality show, Pimp My Ride on MTV. They’ve basically copied the full script while adding their own pimperage to the show.
This campaign could be very successful in the young age group because it’s just a hell lot of fun while watching.