Sound Branding: How To Build A Sound Idendity


An effective brand identity is commonly perceived as a good brand name and logo, trendy package design – dimensions which mainly concern visual senses. However, this common perception of branding is incomplete.

Human beings have five senses, so why would brand strategists leave four of them aside? Over the past few years, senses other than sight have been explored by brand experts and marketers. Although the senses of taste and touch are more difficult for brands to reach, some brands like Singapore Airlines and Rolls Royce have already used scent to build brand identity, also known as olfactive branding. A new area of focus is now sound branding, which will be explored in this article.

Brand Keyboard For The Infected

While this keyboard design concept by Ignacio Pilotto would be hard to use for untrained typists it shows the power of brands when replacing the letters to which the brand logos correspond. The repetition of logos used by the advertising psychology causes us to systematically recognize the brands, getting us to recognize the logos rather… Continue reading Brand Keyboard For The Infected

NIGAZ With Attitude – Branding #fail

The perils of international branding have once again been highlighted with the news of Russian gas giant Gazprom’s new joint venture with Nigerian firm NNPC — to be called Nigaz. (The logo on the left is a selfmade mockup) While the origin of the name is easily explained — a conjunction of the words “Nigeria”… Continue reading NIGAZ With Attitude – Branding #fail

Bing Means Disease In Chinese

Some of you might have heard of Microsoft’s new search engine which was being developed in stealth mode under the name of Kumo. Now that it’s nearly ready to “fight” Google’s dominance Microsoft announced the official name bing and will launch a $100 million marketing campaign to introduce the brand. Too bad, bing means disease… Continue reading Bing Means Disease In Chinese

Corporate Brand Guidelines

Interesting collection of current and older corporate brand guidelines including the Apple Web Design Guide from December 1996: Keep Pages Short Short pages are better than long pages. People are more likely to read a short passage of text than a long one, especially if they have to make an extra effort, like scrolling, to… Continue reading Corporate Brand Guidelines

Your Business On A Piece Of Meat(cards)

First I thought it was a hoax but knowing Eggvertising, Fieldvertising and other methods from the past I’m not surprised: Business Cards made from meat and lasers. Meatcards brings meat and lasers together to create the most protein-rich business cards ever. The product is still in the testing stages, but according to its homepage they… Continue reading Your Business On A Piece Of Meat(cards)

KOOL Cigarettes With Wild Style Packaging

  To lure trendy and fashion-conscious Japanese KOOL cigarettes uses a very cool packaging. The box was developed specifically for distribution through Japan’s Circle K Sunkus convenience store chain and features a snake style design without any warnings like Europe and the USA have to display. “With packaging like this available, it’s no wonder that… Continue reading KOOL Cigarettes With Wild Style Packaging