Kodachrome Is Dead

After 74 years in the company’s portfolio Eastman Kodak Co. announced Monday it’s retiring its film brand stock because of declining customer demand in an increasingly digital age. Sales of Kodachrome are now just a fraction of 1 percent of the company’s total sales of still-picture films while getting 70 percent of its revenue from […]

Grundig: Your Customer Service Sucks!

It all started with a visit to my favorite bar where I saw those stylish speakers hanging down the ceiling. Shortly thereafter I got the Grundig Audiorama 9000 as a gift and was amazed. Such expensive speakers as a gift – one of those speakers costs around $700(!) – and unlucky me hasn’t got any […]

Bing Means Disease In Chinese

Some of you might have heard of Microsoft’s new search engine which was being developed in stealth mode under the name of Kumo. Now that it’s nearly ready to “fight” Google’s dominance Microsoft announced the official name bing and will launch a $100 million marketing campaign to introduce the brand. Too bad, bing means disease […]

When Advertising Meets Reality

We all know that advertisers often make products look prettier and more tasteful than they really are. This is obviously ok although sometimes the difference is astounding. There is an interesting art project comparing products and advertisement photos which you can see in the video below. Thanks to Klas for the hat tip.