Seth Godin On Social Networking

Interesting thoughts by Seth Godin on Social Networking. Video after the click. Networking is always important when it’s real and it’s a useless distraction when it’s fake… It’s worthless to have lots and lots of friends on Facebook ’cause they’re not really your friends. They’re just people who didn’t want to offend you by pressing… Continue reading Seth Godin On Social Networking

How Amazon Went From ‘First’ To ‘Biggest’

When Amazon made their move into eCommerce, analysts and experts alike where questioning their possibilities of success. Where the business world was putting at doubt the future and importance of online-shopping, Amazon was looking at the bigger picture of simply being unable to physically achieve the promising size of an online business by conventional methods… Continue reading How Amazon Went From ‘First’ To ‘Biggest’

Your Business On A Piece Of Meat(cards)

First I thought it was a hoax but knowing Eggvertising, Fieldvertising and other methods from the past I’m not surprised: Business Cards made from meat and lasers. Meatcards brings meat and lasers together to create the most protein-rich business cards ever. The product is still in the testing stages, but according to its homepage they… Continue reading Your Business On A Piece Of Meat(cards)

Make $25 Millions Selling Toothbrushes

Puneet Nanda was like many parents: He couldn’t get his five-year-old daughter to brush her teeth properly. But unlike most parents, Nanda is a toothbrush manufacturer with an irrepressible entrepreneurial drive. Knowing that his daughter was fascinated by her sneakers with flashing lights, he ripped the lights out of her shoes and put them on… Continue reading Make $25 Millions Selling Toothbrushes