Intelligent Video-Advertising For Site Owners

AdBrite, a content ad network, has just soft launched its newest product: InVideo With InVideo the company has created a video player similar to YouTube’s, which users can brand with their own logo and, if wanted, include AdBrite ads. The good thing: you get paid when other people watch your video and even better, you […]

Video Download: New “Get A Mac” Ads

Apple has released three new “Get A Mac” commercials that have been curiously making the rounds on Canadian TV and some Apple stores. Here they are for you to watch and download: Get A Mac “Counselor” Get A Mac “Better Results” (guest-starring Gisele Bündchen) Get A Mac “Self Pity” Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s involvement had […]

Video Comparison: Apple Intel-Mac Vs. Postal Service

Apple’s new commercial for the Intel-Macs – like the controversial iPod ad – seems to have used a music video by “The Postal Service” as inspiring example. The video shows very similar pictures and cuts, especially the scene where the woman looks into the man’s eyes. Here is a video comparing the two, side-by-side. On […]

Video: Saturn Bla Bla Free Zone

Saturn, an electronic store chain here in Europe, has released a rather simple-minded but still nationally funny commercial. Basically the message is: “We don’t talk you into bullsh*t but recommend the coolest products for the best price”. Jung von Matt Austria worked with 3D-specialist Soulcage Department to create this animated movie. Watch Saturn Bla Bla […]