Belkin WeMo Lets You Control Your Home Appliances With Your Smartphone

Where IBM failed with their Aptiva line of computers back in the late 90’s Belkin hopes to revive this year with the introduction of their new product: WeMo. The WeMo is a wireless accessory that plugs into your walls and allows you to control that outlet from a special application that is set to work […]

Red Bull Special Edition: Cranberry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), Lime (Silver)

While staying in Vienna, Austria (I reported about the first and stylish STABILO Store there), I saw the newly released Red Bull special editions in a supermarket and gave them a try. Personally I’m pretty much a Red Bull addict but my girlfriend, who hates the original Red Bull taste (as a lot of others do btw), […]

Stylish STABILO Store In Vienna

I’m spending Christmas holidays in my hometown Vienna, Austria where I spotted a new and stylish store by pen supplier STABILO. It’s the brand’s first flagship store and the architects have done a great job reconstructing a former jewellery shop. The store has the typical color-pen shape and even the entrance door makes you recognize […]

Crashed Ferrari Table

A crashed Ferrari becomes a table. French artist Charly Molinelli obtained a Ferrari 308 from a scrap press, created a wooden frame and put a piece of glas on top: the first “Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table”. Pretty flamboyant. Too bad my apartment is too small and besides, it costs over $15,000. Well, still cheaper than […]

Little Printer Creates A Daily Mini-Newspaper For Your Home Or Wallet

Little Printer is a cute tool for your home, bringing printing you news and gossip from your friends. People can use their smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will aggregate them to create a cool mini-newspaper you can put on your fridge or magnetic wall or wallet or wherever. According to the website it will be […]

Nerdy Macbook Decal Stickers: Pacman, Android, Iron Man, …

I just spotted a cool series of Macbook Decal Stickers. I like “Android eats Apple” and the Pacman version best but the other ones are also nice. Check them out at etsy and if you need a nerdy nerdier Christmas present for your friends, you can order them as well. The decals are made to […]