Click And Grow. The Flower Pot For Lazy Gardeners

I’ve come across a pretty cool and technologically hyper-advanced flower pot. The Click & Grow pot automatically takes care of your plant by the use of sensors, a microprocessor and special software. The “device” comes with a flower cartridge installed but can be replaced by others, for example a basil mix or mini tomato cartridge, for the […]

iPod Air Fresheners By W5 Carcare

I’m more and more amazed of products imitating the Apple iPod look, even though they’ve got nothing to do with the company from Cupertino. Below are some W5 Carcare Air Fresheners that come in 3 flavors: “Oriental”, “Exotic” and “Ocean”. Want more? I found a great list of weird forms and shapes here. [via fscklog]

The iPhone AppStore Disaster – Why Developing Your Company’s App For It Is As Safe As Betting On Horses

A little more than a year has passed since Apple opened the doors to it’s AppStore back in July 2008, and the amount of love and hate alike in blogs all around the internet is showing the huge impact it had on the mobile applications market. After jailbreakers invented the process of providing additional software […]

Grundig: Your Customer Service Sucks!

It all started with a visit to my favorite bar where I saw those stylish speakers hanging down the ceiling. Shortly thereafter I got the Grundig Audiorama 9000 as a gift and was amazed. Such expensive speakers as a gift – one of those speakers costs around $700(!) – and unlucky me hasn’t got any […]

The Palm Pre Kicks Ass! Watch The Full Video From CES

When Palm announced their upcoming Palm Pre Smartphone the whole internet spoke about it. Positively. If you want to know why, here’s the full video presentation from CES. After having watched the video I can say the Palm Pre (facts) kicks iPhone’s ass in terms of usability, multi-tasking with flipping applications, seamless integration of the […]