Don’t Copy. Lead.

Creative’s Zen Vision:M does not fit this leitmotiv, a slogan actually used by Toshiba. Instead the Vision:M is just another copy of Apple iPod’s product design, exercised in a lower quality and less innovative way. “When people see the Zen Vision:M, they tell us it’s incredibly cool,” said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of… Continue reading Don’t Copy. Lead.

L.E.D. digital – Fashion Watch by Philippe Starck

For christmas, I would like to get this watch, designed by Philippe Starck. It is based on L.E.D. technology and time or date are presented when the appropriate button is pressed. Nothing special you say but look how pretty L.E.D. can be and apart from the extra-ordinary design, it is not that expensive ($125). For… Continue reading L.E.D. digital – Fashion Watch by Philippe Starck

Garlic is Viral, Influence is King

Men are not waiting for a product to increase breast size. Women just laugh about tools to enlarge a penis. You cannot infect anybody with anything but you can surely take the right measures to infect some. Viral marketing works just like epidemics. A virus is spread to people using carriers. But unlike with sicknesses,… Continue reading Garlic is Viral, Influence is King

Seiko E-Ink Watch

Seiko, an Asian electronics company will be the first to utilize an electronic paper (e-ink) display for a watch. This ‘Future Now’ design incorporates an easy-to-read, ultra-thin, low-power display integrated into an eye-catching curved band.