Seiko E-Ink Watch

Seiko, an Asian electronics company will be the first to utilize an electronic paper (e-ink) display for a watch. This ‘Future Now’ design incorporates an easy-to-read, ultra-thin, low-power display integrated into an eye-catching curved band.

Update: This November the 2006 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève prize for electronic watches was awarded to SEIKO’s Electronic Ink watch, because of its e-ink display technology.

Seiko E-Ink Watch

Key Characteristics

Ultra high contrast: The display is made up of pure black and pure white particles which allow the same contrast as on a printed page; twice the contrast, in fact, of a LCD panel.

Ultra thin: The display is much thinner than is possible with any conventional watch technology, analog or digital. The display is also flexible, so ‘wrist bracelet’ or bangle designs are possible.

Low power consumption: The display is readable under very low light conditions, so no backlighting is required. The display also has an inherently stable ‘memory effect’ that requires no power to retain and sustain the image. For these reasons, battery life is extended.

Unrestricted size: Because of its flexibility and other properties, the display can be of virtually any size and shape. In this design, the display area covers over two thirds of the total surface area of the watch.