QR Codes. Next Big Thing From Japan?

QR Code MarketingMichael Fiorella pointed me to an interesting article he wrote about QR Code Marketing.

What are QR Codes?
The image you see on the left is an example of a QR Code, a fairly new type of bar code that can hold more information than in the past, like alphanumeric characters and even Japanese text. As Fiorella writes, most japanese cell phones now come equipped with QR code readers that quickly scan using the phone’s camera lens.

QR codes are widely seen on posters and billboards in Japan, providing anyone with a cell phone immediate access to information on consumer prize campaigns and maps to find retail outlets. Other fields of usage include the fast food market, where brands save nutritional data on to a sandwich wrap, and, companies printing QR codes on business cards with more info about the person.

It will be interesting to see, when and how this will spread over Europe.

Read more at Japan Marketing News

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