How To Captivate Your Audience With Branding

In the promotional industry, it is a well known fact that your investments will return to you two-fold. This is due to the allure of brand awareness inherent in promotional item campaigns to captivate your audience.

Promotional products involve all the senses impacting an enduring impression about your products or services and how positively your organization is perceived. Promotional products help to build strong relationships with your audience. Marketers and advertisers are all aware of the allure of promotional products in communicating a message across any market.

Branding and knowing your organizational identity is vital for any business. We all know household names like Pepsi and Microsoft, and these trends have led to the multi-billion dollar enterprise of the promotional product industry.

The Promotional Product Industry is a powerful vehicle of communication for organizations to reach their targeted audience. There are many benefits of utilizing this means of advertising:

  • Audience enhanced perception of the giver.
  • Audience enhanced perception of the products or services.
  • The results of marketing are measurable and enduring.
  • Longer term memory of the business or organization.
  • Stronger relationships built between organizations and customers, supporters, or employees.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

With over 19 000 billion in sales volume, the promotional product advertising industry exceeds all other forms of conventional advertising markets, including television and Internet advertising. Here are some findings about the power of promotional product marketing.

1) 76% of recipients recalled the advertiser’s name on an item they’d received in the past 12 months.

2) 52% of recipients did business with the giver after receiving a promotional gift item.

3) Recipients of promotional items have more positive impressions of a business or organization, and a higher percentage of doing business with the giver and recommending the business or organization.

(Sources: Promotional Products Impact on Brand/Company Image, Goergia Southern University (2005)).

The benefits are immeasurable in terms of what the promotional product industry can return to the giver over the long term, returning your investments two-fold while building lasting relationships with your audience.