Foursquare Rap – Badges Like Us [Video]

You know when a service evolved from its early-adopter base to the mainstream: somebody creates a rap song about the service. “Badges Like Us” finds Mr. Silva (@borismsilver) and “Newby” (@thenewb) rapping about checking-in all over cities and earning badges. It also features the lyric, “I hope this hits TechCrunch or else I’ll be sad,”

Foursquare Rap Song Lyrics:
  • “This is Foursquare bitch! Gowalla aint the same!!”
  • “Cant use an iPhone, AT&Ts a piece of shhh”
  • “Checkin w/ the groupies eating lotsa sushi”
  • “Dont checkin to your house, thats just really lame”
  • “And whats up with all these randos trying to friend me?”
  • “Im checked in off the grid like TIGER WOODS B!!!!!”

(via TechCrunch)