Best Pivots in Business: Did you know Berkshire Hathaway was into Textiles?

Best Pivots in BusinessThere is an interesting discussion and outcome at Quora: users were asked what they find the best pivots in business.

Did you know that Berkshire Hathaway produced Textiles before getting into the private equity business? Or Sony producing Rice cookers before conquering and (at least partially) losing the electronics world? Check out the answers and Nokia shoes from 1936…

  • Berkshire Hathaway: Textiles > Private equity
  • BMW: Aircraft engines > Vehicles
  • Chegg: College classifieds > Textbook Rentals
  • EMC: Furniture >¬†Enterprise Data Storage
  • Flickr: MMORPG > Web photo sharing
  • Google: Enterprise search > Web search
  • IBM: Punched card equipment > Computers ? IT Consulting
  • Mannesmann: Steel pipes > Cellular network carrier
  • Nintendo: Playing cards > Video games
  • Nokia: Rubber boots > Cell phones
  • Paypal: PDA payments > Email/web payments
  • Philips: Light bulbs > Various electronics
  • Pixar: Animation tools > Animated movies
  • Sony: Rice cookers > Various electronics
  • Suzuki: Looms > Vehicles
  • WPP Group: Wire shopping baskets > Communications services

Bonus: Nokia Shoes anno 1936

Nokia Shoes 1936
Nokia Shoes 1936
[More at Quora, Photo Credit: Venturebeat]