Belkin WeMo Lets You Control Your Home Appliances With Your Smartphone

Belkin WeMoWhere IBM failed with their Aptiva line of computers back in the late 90’s Belkin hopes to revive this year with the introduction of their new product: WeMo. The WeMo is a wireless accessory that plugs into your walls and allows you to control that outlet from a special application that is set to work on just about any mobile device. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

The WeMo system works with your homes current electrical system and only requires a Wi-Fi connection and a free smartphone app to set up the switches.  Through the provided application you can set your outlets to turn on or off at the push of a button or set those to a set schedule to give the appearance that one is at home.  Another product set to be released soon; the Belkin WeMo Sensor not only connects to your Wi-Fi connection but also contains motion sensors that react to movement.

Belkin WeMo Sensor PlugSome of the features of the WeMo system include:

  • Turns your plug into a remote controlled outlet where you can set anything from lights to fans to turn on running a set schedule or on command.
  • Turn your devices on or off from anywhere in the world by using your smart phone.
  • Can work in tandem with the sensor system to work as a sort of security alarm setting you an alert when someone walks across the path of the sensor.
  • Allows you to set your lights and other electronics to a schedule so that you have full control over your electronics at all times.
  • The sensors can be rigged to work together in a chain so that crossing one sensor in the house will not only activate all the lights in the house but can also turn on your T.V. in one room and turn on a fan in another.

You can get the Wi-Fi outlet adapter for $49.99 a piece and the motion sensor outlet adaptor for $79.99 each. Belkin is already working on various other inventions revolving around your Wi-Fi network including a garage door opener, baby monitor, door knocker, and door bell ringer! With this kind of home customization propelling us into the future it’s anyone’s guess what else Belkin can invent to hook into their routers!

Update: Unfortunately the Belkin WeMo is still not available in Germany although the company announced a release date for early November 2012.