Malcom Gladwell Collected: “Intellectual Adventure Stories”

Malcolm Gladwell Box SetI remember sitting on a train from Vienna to Berlin a long time ago and reading “The Tipping Point” for the first time. This book not only introduced me to a lot of new concepts and dramatically increased my knowledge, it was also one of the books I really enjoyed reading. Now, Gladwell’s best-selling pieces are collected together in a beautifully redesigned and repackaged set.

Malcolm Gladwell has this power to transport facts in an easy-to-read and entertaining format. It basically got me started with all this, then I read “Blink” and the only book left would be “Outliers”.

Designed by Paul Sahre and Brian Rea, Malcolm Gladwell: collected is Gladwell’s three best-selling books combined and packed with interesting information to push you forward, radically change your understanding, and, a set that is looking great on your bookshelf.

Malcolm Gladwell Box Set

“During our initial meeting with Malcolm, he referred to the three books as ‘intellectual adventure stories,” Sahre says, and “Brian and I really responded to that, as it suggested a specific and interesting way to think about how the books could be designed. We wanted the books to feel like first editions of Moby-Dick or Treasure Island or The Wizard of Oz.”