We Just Got Samsunged: Samsung Makes Fun Of Apple Customers, Again

The fight between Samsung and Apple does not only happen in court but also in commercials. After Samsung had acquired an actress from the iPhone advertisements they are now making fun of Apple customers (again).

In the new commercial you see people camping in front of a store that is still closed. The names Apple and iPhone are not mentioned but they don’t have to be, since this becomes clear when watching the video. A person in line makes fun of an unboxing-video that transports the opinion the new smart phone (iPhone 4S) looks exactly like the precedent.


While this video is surely funny I am not sure if it is good for Samsung to make fun of Apple’s customers directly. At the end of the day they want to sell them lots of their devices. The views count of YouTube says it is pretty successful though: over 350,000 and counting…