Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day” Video Shows The Future of Glass Technology

The company behind the innovative glass displays of our modern smart phones and tablets, Corning, has just released a new video depicting their vision of the future and the infinite possibilities with the use of Gorilla Glass.A Day Made of Glass 2” video offers a glimpse of the infinite potentials of Corning’s glass coupled with the technology found in devices and tablets. It is a continuation video to a more connected world that increases the applicability of Corning’s glass innovations. Almost every aspect in the video clip is in line to a futuristic look at home, school, and hospital. The same family featured in Corning’s videos lives in the future and portrays the journey throughout their day from the time of waking up to going to bed. The characters in their respective routine are reliant on a specialty glass to fulfil their needs both at work and play. Glass remains to be an integral component on enabling the modern world we live in. As such, the displays and touch surfaces of the future call for durable yet thin and lightweight materials.

Innovative design as well as functionality is a top consideration to provide a cool, user-friendly aesthetic device as embodied in the thin and transparent tablet featured in the video.

The real time information heavily requires immense bandwidth capacity of communication networks, which is yet another opportunity for Corning to fulfill as a challenge. Advancements in technology seem to be within reach in the video based on the sleek design, flexible usability, and damage-resistant glass material brought to us by Corning. The company, however, is engaged in continued research and partnership opportunities to help realize the vision in Corning’s videos.