Living With Less

Over the years I have accumulated so many things I hardly ever use: books (I have the Kindle) I’ll not read again, CDs I don’t listen to (I have Google Play Music), DVDs I am not watching (I have netflix), Playstation (I don’t want to spend my time playing), etc… the list could go on and on. After reading the book Stuffocation and watching videos about tiny homes on YouTube I am ready to take action and reduce all the clutter.

Throw Give away things you don’t need or use a warehouse to offload your stuff

Here is some stuff I could immediately give away and never miss again. The only “problem” being to find time to either digitize the music, add the albums in Google Play Music or Spotify while the same is true for DVDs and books. There are also nostalgic and emotional thoughts attached to some items which I would then put in a warehouse instead of giving them away. It is pretty clear though that it is time to defragment my apartment as most of it stays unused in shelves and cupboards.

Luckily there are startups like Box at work which deliver boxes to your door for free and pick them up again once they are filled. For each shelved box you pay around 4 € if you take the yearly storage plan. This is probably best when you don’t want to offload that much as it can get pretty expensive, so only use it for your most important things. I like the delivery / pick-up idea though as I don’t have a car.

Space Saving Ideas

This couple worked together with an architect to build out an amazing apartment with very efficient use of space.

Make space with a hanging bed

All you need is an electric motor, some deflection rollers and strings to which you attach the bed. There is also a very fancy version as you can see in the video.

Get Inspired With More Resources

The possibilities to save space and declutter your life are endless, you just need to take action.

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