Amazon Uses Its Frontpage To Diss Apple’s iPad mini

One of’s biggest assets is its frontpage, viewed by millions of people on a daily basis, and, while times are getting rougher and competition tougher, the company uses it to openly criticize Apple’s new iPad. In an attempt to push kindle fire HD sales, Amazon employs pretty aggressive marketing speech and uses a heavily […]

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks Through the Eyes of a Child

httpv:// Here’s a video rundown of various logos along with an interpretation of a 5-year old. Funny how she thought one logo looks like “little squirms” or worms and tries to associate several logos to colourful balls, marble, baby toys, and “babies are little.”

Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011

Hootsuite, the social media management dashboard, released an infographic showing the top 15 trending brands on twitter from 2011. To round out the trendiest topics they also included Topics, Tags and in Memorium Trends. Interesting to note MySpace is still at #7 even though the network is pretty much dead (Nielsen ranks them at #5 […]

Nerdy Macbook Decal Stickers: Pacman, Android, Iron Man, …

I just spotted a cool series of Macbook Decal Stickers. I like “Android eats Apple” and the Pacman version best but the other ones are also nice. Check them out at etsy and if you need a nerdy nerdier Christmas present for your friends, you can order them as well. The decals are made to […]