Hilarious & Nerdy Cartoons Making Fun Of Work, Technology, Colleagues,…

You know the deal: tons of weirdly named files in a folder and you cannot find the most recent version, people asking what SUDO does, your girlfriend telling you to spend more time with her, and, colleagues at work fussing about code documentation…forget about it and have fun with these hilarious cartoons by Geek & […]

How Many E-Mails Did You Handle in 2011? This App Knows It All.

Do you know how many e-mails you handled in 2011? How many replies you got or who you e-mailed with most? There is a free app by Toutapp that knows it all: YearInReview connects to your Gmail account and analyses received, replied and sent e-mails then displays the results in an interactive infographic. I’m still […]

Best Pivots in Business: Did you know Berkshire Hathaway was into Textiles?

There is an interesting discussion and outcome at Quora: users were asked what they find the best pivots in business. Did you know that Berkshire Hathaway produced Textiles before getting into the private equity business? Or Sony producing Rice cookers before conquering and (at least partially) losing the electronics world? Check out the answers and […]