Improved (Deutsche) Bank/ing.

Things that would make banking with my Deutsche Bank account much easier:   If/Else logic for standing orders, i.e. only transfer the money out if salary or other income has actually reached my bank account. HTTP 301 inspired Redirects in case a bank account isn’t available anymore and transactions just get routed to a new one.… Continue reading Improved (Deutsche) Bank/ing.

Clients From Hell Video

Working for clients and wondering how they sometimes come up with this kind of feedback? Clients from hell has got a great video with horror stories that might sound familiar.

Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm

Yesterday Google announced a major(!) upgrade to its search ranking algorithm which will drastically change the way designers and more importantly online marketeers will think about their website layouts. In Google’s ongoing effort to help users find more high-quality websites in search results, the company will introduce an improved algorithm. From then on Google will… Continue reading Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm

Free Christmas Icons

The season has already started and you might need to design something around christmas. Here is a Christmas icon set (Download) by Offset Media that looks gorgeous. The pack is available as EPS and completely free to use in personal and commercial projects without any restrictions.

Brand Keyboard For The Infected

While this keyboard design concept by Ignacio Pilotto would be hard to use for untrained typists it shows the power of brands when replacing the letters to which the brand logos correspond. The repetition of logos used by the advertising psychology causes us to systematically recognize the brands, getting us to recognize the logos rather… Continue reading Brand Keyboard For The Infected