25 Creative, Helpful & Funny 404 Error “Not Found” Examples

After countless hours of development everybody is happy when pushing a website or application live. What people usually forget is to create meaning-, helpful or at least creative “404 Error Not Found” page. This is not something developers often pay attention to but should. Most sites have a banal message like “Not found” and essentially […]

E-Mail Newsletter HTML Boilerplate Makes Development Easier

Once in a while everybody working for clients on the web needs to create an e-mail newsletter and we all know how cumbersome, terrifying and time-consuming this task is. Not anymore!…well, at least you get a head start with this free e-mail html boilerplate. It’s a good basis and a template of sorts that will […]

The iPhone AppStore Disaster – Why Developing Your Company’s App For It Is As Safe As Betting On Horses

A little more than a year has passed since Apple opened the doors to it’s AppStore back in July 2008, and the amount of love and hate alike in blogs all around the internet is showing the huge impact it had on the mobile applications market. After jailbreakers invented the process of providing additional software […]