The Truth About Rap Videos

Rap stars like Snoop Dogg, 50cent and Wiz Kalifa are famous for their videos featuring easy girls, tons of money and fancy cars. In fact you hardly see a rap video without those things. Here’s a funny video showcasing the truth about rap videos aka all those materialistic gadgets don’t belong to most of those… Continue reading The Truth About Rap Videos

The Pancake Rap Goes Viral

httpv:// A guy called Maclethal published a rap about cooking pancakes on YouTube and soon accumulated about 7 mio. views. I think mostly due to the funny lyrics and his comedic video-performance. You can buy the track on iTunes

Foursquare Rap – Badges Like Us [Video]

You know when a service evolved from its early-adopter base to the mainstream: somebody creates a rap song about the service. “Badges Like Us” finds Mr. Silva (@borismsilver) and “Newby” (@thenewb) rapping about checking-in all over cities and earning badges. It also features the lyric, “I hope this hits TechCrunch or else I’ll be sad,”