Hi, I’m Nader, a 35 year old Design-Developer-Hybrid / Chief Everything Officer currently living in Berlin, Germany.

I am Co-Founder/Managing Partner at Berlin-based tech angel appstretto. I love combining business with technology, art and music. I write about it here.

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Living With Less

Over the years I have accumulated so many things I hardly ever use: books (I have the Kindle) I’ll not read again, CDs I don’t listen to (I have Google Play Music), DVDs I am not watching (I have netflix), Playstation (I don’t want to spend my time playing), etc… the list could go on … Continue reading “Living With Less”

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125992663@N02/14597682251/, Allan Ajifo

How I Generate Passive Income – With Investments & Dividends

Passive income is all the rage nowadays and I personally think “passive” in this respect is a little bit shortsighted when it comes to digital businesses. There is always something you need to do, maintain or keep running in order to profit from passive income, essentially you are actively involved in the process. An area where … Continue reading “How I Generate Passive Income – With Investments & Dividends”


$10,000 invested in Bitcoin 6 years ago is worth over $38 million today

Sometimes it is better to hold investments long term – with such a risky investment like Bitcoin you would have needed amazing strength and perseverance without panicking. Hard to do.