Extreme Basketball by DC Shoe USA. TV Commercial

Extreme Basketball combined with various stunts on skateboard-pipes is definitely a great way to show off a brand, as did the skateboard gear company DC Shoe, USA. They probably practiced many, many hours to get this done but the outcome is amazing, fun to watch and surely enhancing the brand’s relationship with its target audience.

DC Shoe USA Commercial “Extreme Basketball” Quicktime (8,56 MB)

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  1. Do you think this is all for real or some CGI effect? I agree with oprior…of course, they may have just had hours and hours of time to do nothing but try.

  2. I…I..I get these ideas man like comin out of a hat, like a t-shirt that says t-talk to the hand or..or loser

  3. i think that it is real it just took them days to practice it and they figure out where they can hit the wall to make the ball bounce off and go in but still i give them credit: )

  4. This is freakin gay i think that was so fake i don’t think a bunch of stonner skaters can do those things

  5. Werd. That’s my boy Jason in that commercial. This shit is for real. They spent two freakin days straight shooting this! Between smokin spliffs and whatnot.

  6. Not all but many are fakes. The one with the skateborad at bat is a big fake. Simply look at the shadow of the ball on the ground.

  7. Thats seriously awsome. These guys must have a lot of spare time but this really rocks.

  8. Its really fake, the amount of force to throw the ball into the hoop is not enough… it doesn’t exert an effort! What a crap!

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